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Atomic announces a new partnership with Swiss cross-country skiing icon, Dario Cologna. The former World Champion, four-time Olympic Champion, Tour-de-Ski winner, and overall World Cup winner signs an endorsement and ambassador contract with the ski manufacturer, with immediate effect. In addition to pursuing competitive goals, the collaboration is also focused on the further development of cross-country skiing innovations at Atomic. Perfectionism and ambition connect the athlete and the brand. Together they intend to use these values to consolidate Atomics cross-country skiing expertise and expand their success in the sport.

Dario Cologna is the first Swiss ever to win the overall World Cup in cross-country skiing. He has won four Olympic gold medals and one gold at the World Championships. He also won the Tour de Ski and the overall ranking of the cross-country skiing World Cup four times. With this track record, Dario is one of the most successful cross-country athletes ever and can safely be called an icon of the sport.

For years Atomic has built its authority as a full-range supplier in cross-country skiing. With innovations like Skintec, the Redster S9 Gen S skating ski, along with the shift-in binding, Atomic regularly introduces developments that are impacting the sport. This does not go unnoticed by athletes who demand the best. With these developments the Redster team has celebrated many notable successes on the World Cup circuit. This success story is now set to continue with a new partnership between Dario Cologna and Atomic. Both the athlete and brand have always shared great ambitions, and have joined forces.

"For me, the time had come to find new challenges and give my motivation another boost. The key factors for me in choosing Atomic were the strong developments such as the Gen-S skating ski and the expertise of the brand as a whole. For me, Atomic combines tradition with enormous innovative power." Said the Swiss athlete about his motivations. "Even though I am still getting to know the Atomic family, I already feel a certain closeness. Atomic has always created a pleasant environment when working with athletes. “

Yann Vallet, Business Unit Director Nordic comments: "With Dario we are very fortunate to have gained a highly decorated, experienced, and determined athlete for the Atomic family. His input is as important to us as his success, as well as his charisma as a personality and athlete."




Founded in 1955 in the heart of the Austrian Alps, ATOMIC is the world‘s largest ski-manufacturer. Products perfectly tailored for ski racers and freeskiers, cross-country skiers and backcountry skiers, beginners and World Champions alike are being tested in the company’s backyard around Altenmarkt. ATOMIC employs 750 people and has more than 60 years of experience in the skiing industry, while selling products in 49 countries. Through its passion for skiing, the brand strives to create a better skiing experience with leading quality and technological innovations. ATOMIC is an Amer Sports brand.

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Denis Dietrich

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ATOMIC mit Sitz im österreichischen Altenmarkt ist der größte Skihersteller der Welt. Im Herzen der Alpen entwickelt und produziert das Unternehmen seit mehr als 60 Jahren Technologien für den Alpin-, Renn-, Skitouren-, und Langlaufsport. Die ATOMIC Austria GmbH ist Teil der Amer Gruppe und beschäftigt rund 750 Mitarbeiter. Als Marktführer in Qualität und technologischen Innovationen verkauft das Unternehmen seine Produkte weltweit in 49 Ländern. Mit ihrer Passion für den Skisport will die Marke ein besseres Erlebnis für Skifahrer jeder Könnensstufe schaffen.

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