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For the 2021/22 season Atomic presents a boot liner concept that opens up entirely new possibilities for every skier. The new ski boot line uses a liner with a modern and much more practical foam technology. The Mimic Professional liner combines comfort with performance through an ultra-precise fit. In conjunction with the trilogy of different last widths and Memory Fit shell adjustment, creating an individually perfect fit for any foot shape has never been easier. Beginner, all-mountain skier or World Cup racer – Atomic has the right ski boot for every type of skier out there.


The Mimic Professional liner uses heat-moldable Mimic technology in conjunction with injectable foam to take customizability up another notch. Thanks to Mimic the liner mimics the shape of the boot shell, while injectable foam mimics the shape of the foot. As the Mimic Professional liner cools and the injected foam hardens, it solidifies in the foot's exact shape, remaining in that shape to provide a completely bespoke fit. This extra layer of customization sets the Mimic Professional liner apart. The liner also features the customizable V3 Tongue System. There are high, medium, and low volume tongues that skiers can change out to create a custom interface between their shin and the boot cuff – a zone that tends to be rather sensitive.


Fit is the buzzword across the 2021/2022 Atomic boot range. To achieve the goal of performance through fit, Atomic has introduced their new Professional series. This product group includes Redster and Hawx boots, the Professional Dual Strap, and the heart and soul of the Professional Series – Atomic’s new Mimic Professional liner. The Mimic Professional liner comes in select Redster and Hawx boots, and is also available as a stand-alone product for aftermarket boot upgrades.

The successful Hawx range of boots returns for the 2021/2022 season. Made to address the all-mountain skier's needs, the Hawx range offers different options to fit different foot widths. Hawx Ultra is geared toward skiers with narrow feet and is the highlight of the range. Hawx Ultra and Hawx Ultra W are available as Professional Series products with the Mimic Professional liner. Atomic has taken a thoughtful approach to boot-shell engineering here, beginning with a minimal shell and adding material only where necessary to create the optimal balance between weight and strength. This technology called Prolite aims to combine peak power transfer with lightweight comfort. Hawx Ultra embodies high-performance engineering with an all-mountain attitude.

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Founded in 1955 in the heart of the Austrian Alps, ATOMIC is the world‘s largest ski-manufacturer. Products perfectly tailored for ski racers and freeskiers, cross-country skiers and backcountry skiers, beginners and World Champions alike are being tested in the company’s backyard around Altenmarkt. ATOMIC employs 750 people and has more than 60 years of experience in the skiing industry, while selling products in 49 countries. Through its passion for skiing, the brand strives to create a better skiing experience with leading quality and technological innovations. ATOMIC is an Amer Sports brand.

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Denis Dietrich

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ATOMIC mit Sitz im österreichischen Altenmarkt ist der größte Skihersteller der Welt. Im Herzen der Alpen entwickelt und produziert das Unternehmen seit mehr als 60 Jahren Technologien für den Alpin-, Renn-, Skitouren-, und Langlaufsport. Die ATOMIC Austria GmbH ist Teil der Amer Gruppe und beschäftigt rund 750 Mitarbeiter. Als Marktführer in Qualität und technologischen Innovationen verkauft das Unternehmen seine Produkte weltweit in 49 Ländern. Mit ihrer Passion für den Skisport will die Marke ein besseres Erlebnis für Skifahrer jeder Könnensstufe schaffen.

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